Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Welcome To The Week: A Million Birthday Thank Yous

Welcome To The Week: A Million Birthday Thank Yous

Arrived back home from the city late Sunday night, and although should have been resting and cleaning and sorting through all the festive supply, M and I continued to treat Sunday as if it were any other weekend, with a late grab for dim sum and his and hers milk teas with another lovely couple and after, lounging around in his apartment until traffic died down to come home.

But before Sunday, there were long days full of errands to run, late nights filled with snacks and fast food and early mornings dedicated to a happy kind of busy-ness, all for the sake of celebrating yet another year to be alive and to be close to all my loved ones.

There are many memories to replay since two Saturdays ago, my most favorite being the random late night dancing with M and am now craving to go out and do it again and again. There were re-connections and new connections made through it all with one and two chocolate cakes to enjoy…this year has already been full of many blessings, and am sure that there are many more to come. Thank you to all those who took the time to celebrate a month's worth of festivities!


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