Friday, March 21, 2014

His & Hers | Birthday Gift Guide: For The Beau

And to end our little holiday season, M's birthday is approaching sooner than what seems possible. Quite sure that he won't see it coming, the actual gift I have planned out for him, but there's no doubt that he'll absolutely adore it.

For you, a little gift guide for your beau, or perhaps another admirable figure in your life...

His & Hers | Birthday Gift Guide: For The Beau

Both M and I are always traveling to and from places for days at a time. This leather weekender bag would hold up the wear from all the places we'd love to go. M once told me that his mother gave him a reversible belt once, but accidentally lost it. This one fulfills the two Rs - replaceable and reversible!

M has two pairs of black loafers, both worn out. These shoes from Cole Haan look identical and would make for a great alternative. For his birthday last year, I gave him a royal blue velvet bow tie and for last Christmas, a tan leather one. I'd love to add this purple one from Mrs. Bow Tie to his dashing little collection.

M hasn't experienced a Lakers (a beloved basketball team of his) game in person, wouldn't it be lovely to go to a game together?


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