Wednesday, March 5, 2014

His & Hers | Birthday Gift Guide: Rosie's Wish List

It's a running joke between M and I that winter/spring are truly holiday seasons for us two - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's, Valentine's Day, my birthday, his birthday and our anniversary...6 months of holidays nonstop and then there's a long spell of non-holidays for us from summer to fall.

Have mentioned earlier this week that I've been avoiding looking at calendars, primarily because my birthday is coming up soon and am nowhere near ready for it! In addition to mine, M's birthday is in Aprilas well as our anniversary, and March and April at the office is always extremely busy as campaign season rolls out for spring.

If you're like M and I, with a calendar filled with birthdays and opportunities for gift giving, here's a little gift guide for that special belle of yours, who could possibly be a lover of diving outside into rainy days and writing lots and lots of letters as I am...

His & Hers | Birthday Gift Guide: Rosie's Wish List

Vintage gold cat ring, antique, gold, cat, ring and quirky - what's not to love? Stationery set for all the letters I write. This YSL lipstick has recently become a favorite of mine, sheer and tastes like candy! BKR glass bottle to make sure I drink plenty of water throughout my happily busy days. A classic robe for morning lounging and brunches in bed.

Some favorite things pencils for letter writing and jotting down ideas and plans. An all-in-one printer so that it's easier to create printable cards and crafts at home. Have had my eyes on this gold foil print for some time, for the art wall. The most perfect lucite umbrella for the most perfect rainy days! To complement my adventures on rainy days, these sophisticated rain booties that will never ruin from wet weather.


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