Sunday, August 10, 2014

In The Spotlight | Featured Shops: Vivian Chan

In The Spotlight | Featured Shops: Vivian Chan
You may have seen a photo feature in the first Le Weekend & Links to Love post and thought it'd be the perfect moment to introduce the brand, Vivian Chan, as today's featured shop.

In The Spotlight | Featured Shops: Vivian Chan

Came across Vivian Chan through a local photographer and, admittedly, have been obsessing over each and every piece, from the initial collection to the recent summer 2014 release!

There's a clear resemblance of edginess and a strong pull towards femininity to each outfit (see Annie top) and this edgy and feminine look has always been a favorite, next to the soft and sexy, and laid back feminine.

Founded and made in Los Angeles, California, Vivian Chan provides that perfect ounce of playful pop in each design. Each piece is appropriately named by other people who've personally influenced the designer's life.
I consider each piece I make my prayers for women. - Vivian Chan
A few favorite pieces include the Rosie skirt (such a fitting name & pictured on right above), the appropriately feminine masculine Raymond dress, and the sexy slip Parker dress.

Photos: Vivian Chan

Quote source: The Lovely Daze


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