Saturday, June 21, 2014

Site News | Personal Update: Home From Chicago

Site News | Personal Update: Home From Chicago

Had to head straight to the city upon arrival in California, so that M and I could finally celebrate our anniversary together, and although things didn't go as planned, still found a way to make the most of the moment and discover new things, such as a provocative, unfinished Rodin sculpture and still dreaming of going back to take a glance...

Luckily, had a few days to recuperate before returning to the office, which involved endless hours of lounging to slow down the pace of things and lots of beauty rest to rid of the jet lag. Also had the opportunity to do a little cleaning and organizing with photos and am looking forward to share all the splendid happenings from the Chicago trip. Until then, there's also instagram @soulcallove to look back on.

And it's already Saturday...have a splendid weekend!

Photo: One


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